Beginning Nutrition Class

September 20, 2012


This class will open your eyes to the affects that processed foods can have on our health.  I will coach you along the way to healthier nutrition and I will give you ideas on how to introduce “whole”, REAL food into your diet. You will learn how to make green smoothies, use healthy grains, use plants for protein, and lose weight along the way!  By eating these foods, we crowd out the “bad” stuff and don’t crave or feel the need for excess food.  We will be nutritionally fed with the substance that is meant to fuel our bodies.  This is how our bodies respond favorably.  Proper fuel, proper function.

The Beginning Nutrition class will be offered on Mondays or Wednesdays at 2pm, or Thursdays at 6:30 pm.  There are three different times to accommodate different schedules.  You will need to choose the day and time that works best for you.  The classes begin on October 1st and go through November 15th  The cost is $20 per week or a discounted rate of $130 if paid in full at the beginning of the program.

If you have expressed interest in this class, or want to add your name to the list, please let me know which class time works best for you.

If you don’t live in my area and would like help with this topic, I would be happy to schedule a breakthrough session with you by phone or Skype.

Can’t wait to begin!

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