Coaching Services

Learning the skills to make it happen!

Online Support – A community of like-minded people working toward health.  We communicate to motivate, lift, and share with each other regarding healthy eating and living.

Lose to Win – A friendly diet competition game.  Each game runs for one month and the winner takes home money.  Depending on the number of players, this can be quite a large sum!  Be sure to read our testimonials and look at our Before/After pictures “here”

Cleanse or Detox Coaching
– You will receive pdf files of guidelines for a cleanse plus many recipes to help you through your cleanse.  You will also be part of our online community for support.

Group Classes – This is one of my favorite things.  We meet once a week and learn all about different health and nutrition topics.  Some participants choose to weigh in weekly for accountability purposes.  We’ve had great success with our participants!

Individual Coaching  – I meet clients one on one either once a week, or twice a month for approximately 45-60 minutes each session.  We discuss their personal goals and ideals for health.  I teach them how to live a lifestyle that helps them maintain a perfect weight for life without “dieting” ever again.  We talk about  “Primary” foods (Relationship, Career, Physical Movement, and Spirituality) and how they can greatly affect the way we control our “Secondary” foods (the food you put in your mouth).  I would love to spend time with you helping you feel Alive, Energetic, and Important!