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January 12, 2013


Are you Exercising and not reaching your goals? 

NUTRITION is 70-80% of the equation

Learn how to implement a healthy lifestyle at home with gradual changes for your family

Held Thursdays at noon and 7pm and running for 12 weeks

Beginning January  24th


The class will include:

1.  A Group Detox from cravings – individualized for your needs and lasting anywhere from one week to one month to eliminate cravings.  This sounds scary to some people, but we learn to eliminate one thing at a time.

2.  Healthy Food Tasting and Instruction – Learn options for plant based cooking and healthier options for your family.  It really is possible to move away from the “SAD” (Standard American Diet) and not feel deprived.  IF you follow along with the guidelines, you will be amazed at how you stop fighting the scale, see improvements in skin, water retention, ADHD, cholesterol, blood sugar issues, and joint pain.  (Supplementation may be recommended for individual issues and would be an extra cost)

3.  Nutrition Education – What hidden foods are causing problems?  How can I convert my family to healthy food?  Knowledge is power!

4.  Emotional Support – So much of our “food problems” are not about food at all.  Learn to overcome these issues and feel free from cravings.

5.  Accountability for your goals –  Reporting to the group how you were able to implement the weekly lessons throughout the week and getting feedback is very beneficial for most people.  (A weekly weigh in is optional)

6.  Exercises and Modalities to Create and Open Energy – This is exciting stuff!

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Details and Pricing

The course will run 12 weeks.  Price reductions available of 5% off total  for paying the whole course in advance.


Basic Package

Silver Package

Gold Package

Scholarship Opportunities


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Other Options Available

Individual Coaching

Lose to Win Game

Kitchen clean out/makeover

Grocery Store Helps


We will never look back from a state of health and wish we hadn’t made the change, but we often look back from “not beginning” and wish we had.


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