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December 27, 2012


feeling aliveLearn how to kick off the new year with Confidence and Health

The Holidays are such a wonderful time full of family, joy, parties and food!  I hope you have been able to enjoy them guilt free.  Truly.  No one needs guilt in their lives.  The trick to enjoying guilt-free times, is to get back on track quickly. Sometimes, that proves difficult as all the holiday “cheer” creates cravings that are hard to ignore. I’d love to invite you to join me for a free group OR tele-class to learn about how to get rid of these cravings and start the new year with a clean eating plan.  We’ll not only discuss the reasons why it’s important, but get motivated to develop a plan to help you get comfortable with kicking the processed, junk foods to the curb.  Did you know it’s possible to rid our diets of the soda, candies, chips, crackers, cookies and breads and not even miss them?  There are two options available to hopefully fit your schedule:

Live Class will be at 7pm Mountain Time on Thursday, January 3rd.
(Address will be provided after sign up)
Tele-Class will be at 1 pm Mountain Time on Friday, January 4th.
No need to be nervous!  This is just an awareness and learning class.  Come with your own questions, or listen and learn from the questions of others.  Not only will this help your overall health, but the pounds naturally come off too!  If you can’t attend, but are interested in scheduling a different time, just let me know   Or  Sign Me Up  now!


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