Increase Your Physical Activity

June 22, 2012


Physical Activity is vital to well being.  When we don’t “want to” do it, that’s when we need it the most.  Make a goal.  Start small if you need to.  Who wants to be stagnant and never moving forward?  Not me!  A step today is one step closer to a goal than no step at all.

There are some wonderful stories of success and they all start the same way… taking one step at a time.  What will your step be?  What are your goals?  Do you need accountability?

I’d love to help you achieve them.  Physical movement is one of the main areas in our “Primary Circle” of life.  When something is out of sorts in this circle, we feel a hole and many turn to food to fill it.  We may not have a food disorder, but a “Primary Food” disorder.  What are the other areas of our Primary Circle?

1 – Relationships      2 – Spirituality      3 – Career      4 – Physical Movement

Are you lacking in any of them and turning to food for comfort?  Let me help you find the answers to this common dilemma.

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