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June 22, 2012


For most of us, life is a busy whirlwind of obligations, hectic schedules and responsibilities.  Taking care of our health and the health of our families oftentimes seems difficult or impossible to incorporate into our lives.  Fortunately, I have been trained to guide you to better food and lifestyle choices that will help you achieve greater balance in all aspects of your life.   I love helping people get control of all areas of life.  I coach the “Primary Foods” concept.  These key foods are:

1.  Relationships   2.  Spirituality   3.  Career    4.  Physical Movement

If one of these key “foods” is lacking, our balance will be off and we may seek unhealthy ways to fill the gap.  Many times, this comes in the way of overeating.

If this scenario rings true to you, send me a message and I would be happy to schedule a free consultation with you to talk about your concerns and goals.

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