Learn the Secret to Living a Healthier Life

June 21, 2012


Balance in life is so important.  I love my life as a health coach.  It brings the needed balance to my life.

Are you living A Life Balanced?

What is it that you are carrying in your heart? Guilt, shame, regret, fear, resentment, unresloved issues.  Is any of it “controlling” the food you choose, or the amounts of food you choose?

Are you looking for help in getting away from processed foods, fats, sugars, salt, or substances?  I can coach you in learning how to get a healthy balance.  Since removing my sugar addiction from MY life, I have found such peace.  My life isn’t dictated by food.  I have found passions that keep me from turning to food.

My mission is to balance your health & well-being using holistic approaches. A life Balanced will give you the knowledge & support you need to achieve your nutrition goals. No one diet works for everyone.  I will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support YOU.  I will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes to help you find that peace that will carry you through so you are not always looking for the next diet that will work.  I will coach you to find a plan with STICKING POWER!

I’d love to help guide you to find your balance.

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