Lose to Win Game Rules

Balanced Diet

“Lose to Win” 

This is the answer to your problems with accountability and motivation.  We have a set of guidelines to follow, a scoresheet you fill in daily to help you remember the following goals, a point system to see how you are doing, a Facebook group to report in and get motivation from, and a chance to work toward a monetary prize.  This game has been going for 6 years and has had amazing results.  Many of our “players” come back for a tune up when they’ve slipped because they know it works.  Many have been regulars once they’ve lost the weight just to help themselves maintain and keep it a lifestyle.  So what are the requirements on the scoresheet?

1.  Exercise:
You need to get at least 30 min. of exercise a day with one day off.  If you know you have a busy day ahead with no chance for time to exercise without losing sleep time, try the following methods to get it in.  Park further from buildings.  Take the stairs.  Stand more than sit.  Tighten and release muscles while you sit.  You can do it!  Mindfulness is everything!

2. Sleep:
Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.  This consists of lights out and a good effort of trying to sleep.  If you lay there unable to sleep and don’t get up to do something else, you get your sleep points.  You will eventually fall asleep.   You get two days off of this rule.  (In the case of a mother with children who need attention during the night, you may tend to their needs then go directly back to bed with no penalty)

3. Water:
Drink at least 2 liters (quarts) of water a day.  Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it!

4. New Goal: 
Choose one goal you’d like to work on each day.  This goal is chosen at the beginning of the game and will remain the same throughout the 4 weeks of the game (not a different goal each day or each week).  Some examples of this are:  Drink a green smoothie every day, No negative self talk, Make sure my dishes are done before I go to bed,  Floss my teeth daily,  Spend quality time with my child, Practice piano 30 min a day, etc.

5. Communication:
Communicating  at least once a day on our private Facebook page will earn you points.  This helps people stay motivated to communicate as a group.

Now for the FOOD Nitty Gritty:

6. Meals:

a) You get at least four meals a day but no more than six.  This goes along with the idea of fueling the body with the right things so you don’t crave the wrong things.  When you don’t eat enough, your metabolism slows.  When you keep your body fueled correctly, it can work properly.  These meals should be spaced approximately 3 hours apart.  (give or take a little)  Your daily meals will include the three key ingredients:  1 – Protein  (If your protein is in meat form, make sure it is lean.  Stay away from fatty meats:  bacon and some beef etc).   2 – Healthy carbohydrate (this consists of vegetables, fruit, and whole grains which will be explained more below), and 3 – Healthy fat – A Small amount at each meal – No more than 1/2 cup per day of nuts, seeds, avocados. 1 tsp of olive and coconut oil per meal.

When eating each of these 3 elements, you will feel more satiated.  Sometimes, we still crave food after a meal.  It may be because we didn’t get “enough” of something – generally protein or fat.

b) No fried foods.  No refined flour or sugar is allowed until your meal off.  Use whole grain breads, pastas, rice, etc.

c) You MUST eat at least four servings of  vegetables a day.  Watery vegetables are “free” and can be eaten at any time, although the condiments you may put on them are not.  (Butter, ketchup, etc.) Look at the “What I CAN eat” section for a list of these vegetables.

d) Fruits, Vegetables, Beans and Grains can be used as your carbohydrate with your meal. You need to limit your fruit and starchy carbohydrates as follows. You may have 4 servings of these foods a day IF one of them is a bean serving (which carries quite a bit of protein as well). Otherwise, you may have any combination of 3 servings of fruit and starchy carb.

Some whole-grain purchased breads are going to have refined products.  Don’t worry about the technicality of this; but do the best you can but see if you can find some without sugar.  They’re out there!

e) You get one day off all rules  each week.  You also get one MEAL off each week.

Other Options for Eating:

Clean Eating – You can eat this way whenever you want! (Ask me if you need more help here)
You can lose weight quickly eating this way.  Clean eating is no processed food at all.  No cans, packages or boxes with the exception of eggs and lean meat.  When eating “clean”, you need not worry about portion sizes except for the nuts.  The idea here is that we eat the food in its natural state before any processing.  These foods would include:  Vegetables, fruit, ONE HALF CUP of nuts, lean meat, eggs, and hot air popcorn as a snack.  Eating clean earns you forgiveness of one SQUARE on your score sheet.  The “forgiveness”  can only be used once a week.  You may use the 100 calories of anything you want on a clean eating day.

Generally, clean eating means one ingredient things.

Raw Eating You can eat this way whenever you want!  (Ask me if you need more help here)
You can lose weight quickly eating this way.  When eating “raw”, you need not worry about portion sizes except for the nuts (no more than ONE HALF CUP a day).  Remember, nut butters are not really raw unless you make them yourself with raw nuts.  Generally, roasted nuts are used.  You may have 1 Tablespoon on a RAW day, however.  These foods would include:  RAW vegetables, fruit, nuts, sprouts, raw milk.  There are ways of making “raw” crackers, breads, and gourmet dishes with a dehydrator if you want to get into it and I’d love to help you further in that area if you’re interested. The idea here is that heat above 115 degrees destroys some of the nutrients.  Eating raw is becoming a big thing in many parts of the world as it promotes healing and health.  Be careful to get a good variety of foods and enough protein or you may just deprive your body which makes it want the bad stuff!  Eating one day raw earns you forgiveness  for one square on your score sheet.  You can eat this way as many days as you’d like, but can only use it once a week for one “forgiveness” square.  You may use the 100 calories of anything you want on a raw day.

Calorie Counting Days

Sometimes, travel or being sick make it hard to stay within the guidelines.  In those two instances, you may count calories.  If you stay under your calorie limit  you can forgo the above rules.

If you are using calorie counting, please let me know so I can give you an appropriate calorie count for your specific body and exercise habits. Please let the group know why and how many days you need to use it. It is recommended that you use this option as little as possible as it does not teach a healthy eating, easily sustainable “lifestyle”. This is in place to help you with parties, travel, sickness and other circumstances beyond your control.

7. Snacking:

a)  There will be acceptable snacks between meals.  These will include any vegetables (excluding starches of any kind)  You could also choose to snack on fruits as long as you have no more than three servings of fruit a day.

b) Dressing on snacking salads is limited.  You still only get six small portions of healthy fat during the day so you may learn other ways of dressing your salad or just eat raw vegetables.  Some ideas of low calorie dressings are:  Lemon juice, salad spritzer, a little  salt and pepper, oil and vinegar.

c) Non-acceptable snacks include everything else and carry a ten point snacking penalty.

8. Exceptions (Things to make it all easier!):

a) You get 100 calories each day of anything you want.  ANYTHING.  Just remember 100 calories is not much.

b)  You get one day off of ALL rules each week.  You can take these separately or all in one day.

c)  You get one meal off from all food rules once a week.

d)  Your birthday is a free day from all rules!

e) Fasting – There is no penalty when fasting for religious purposes.  You don’t need to plan your day off for a fast day.  If you are fasting, give yourself full points for food and water missed during that period and resume with one or two meals after you break your fast with the game rules applying.

9.  Penalties:

Penalties are given for snacking between meals (except on aforementioned vegetables and fruits), snacking on unacceptable snacks (past your 100 calorie treat), not getting at least 4 servings of  vegetables in a day, and eating more than 5 servings of combined fruit and grain.

Penalty for eating more than 6 meals a day is losing 20 points per meal (if it’s a meal) or a snacking penalty if it’s a snack.

11.  Redeeming Yourself:

For every full “clean eating” day, you can wipe out one mistake on your score sheet.  A clean eating day consists of eating totally natural – no preserved food at all (boxes, bags, cans of food).  Clean foods include:  lean meat, eggs, nuts, fruit, vegetables, beans if not canned.  (Explained above)

For every full “raw eating” day you can wipe out one mistakes on your score sheet.  A raw eating day consists of eating totally natural, whole foods and not heating food above 115 degrees.  (Explained above)

12.  Bonus Points:

Each week we will present opportunities to earn bonus points.  A) A weekly challenge will earn extra bonus points   B)  Losing weight, inches, OR fat percentage during each scoring period will earn  bonus points.  Fat percentage can  be calculated with a scale that shows such or a set of calipers.  If you are taking your measurements, make sure you measure in as close to the same place as possible each time.  Be honest with this.  We can always pull the tape a little to make it read smaller.  Keep the tape the same tightness every week when you measure.  Any loss in any area is counted for your bonus as long as you don’t “gain” measurement anywhere else.

13.  Winning the game:

The high weekly winner will receive a “free square” to be used to replace a “zero” on the score sheet.  It does not wipe out a “penalty” deduction square.  This free square is for weeks 1, 2, and 3.  On the 4th week (the end of the game), the winner will be announced and awarded a prize.  The prize will depend on how many are in the group.  When there are large groups participating, there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

14.  Scoring:

The score sheet allows 10 points per completed unit.  If you have a penalty for snacking, you would deduct 25 points per unallowable snack.  For meals.  The full 10 points are scored when the proper elements are eaten together (protein, carbohydrate, and fat) in the proper portions. (See under *Meals* for proper sizes)  If one of the key elements is left out, or if something is eaten from the “do not eat” list, and you are not using it toward your 100 calorie snack, your full 10 points are forfeited.

When eating using the calorie counting day, the following scoring is employed:

If you were to eat five meals a day, and stay under 1500 calories, you would need to eat 300 calories per meal on average.  So if you go over your limit (which is determined by visiting with me about your height/weight/activity level) on your calorie counting day, you will use the following scale to figure your penalty:

1 – 300 deduct 20 points from your score sheet (equivalent of one meal)
301 – 600 deduct 40 points from your score sheet
601 – 900 deduct 60 points from your score sheet
901 and up – That’s just wrong… you lose  120 meal points!

Posting Scores:

Scores need to be posted to the group on our private Facebook page by 8 pm each Monday evening or your score will receive a 10 point deduction.


Once you make your goal weight, you can continue with us in the support of the healthy eating plan by choosing a fitness challenge to work on instead of a weight loss challenge.  Accomplishing this fitness goal will earn your  bonus points for the week.  You will have to adjust your portion sizes a little to maintain weight instead of lose.  You may find that it really doesn’t need to be adjusted much.  (I can help you with this).  You can play with us free of a charge unless you want to compete for the money, then you need to pay.

Are you ready for the challenge?  Contact me here with any questions or just click the “Add to Cart” button below and join us today!



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