Time to Reboot!

August 28, 2013


Reboot and Refresh

Summer time is coming to an end.   I’m feeling the Fall chill in the air.  With that comes the drive to get back to business!  I promised my kids I would take the summer off from my busy coaching lifestyle and it was a great decision.  We were able to do many fun things and laugh and play.  That is one of the most important things I tell my clients to do.

Have fun with life! Find a passion! Enjoy!  Laugh!

I feel renewed and I’m ready to get this show on the road!  Let’s kick it in gear  with some great classes, coaching sessions and transformations.  I’ve got some wonderful programs to share with you and I can’t wait to get started!  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar if you would like to keep informed of the many things I have up my sleeve, and especially if you’d like to participate in my upcoming FREE 3 day “Refresh and Reboot” program!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any specific concerns or class topics you’d like me to cover.

Are you ready to transform?  Check out my new “Kickin’ it Clean” program here.  Early bird pricing is available so jump in now!  You will get a full menu, shopping lists, guides, support, and much more.  Check it out!

What did you do this summer?



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