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June 22, 2012


Did you know that the Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of 51% processed food.  Further, we consume 42% animal products and only 7% fruits and vegetables.  That is just SAD in itself!

I love to coach people in crowding out the processed food, gradually, if needed. These foods are so full of chemicals and toxins that our bodies just store.  These things are definitely NOT food and our body doesn’t know how to process it.  Thus, we have stored toxins, laying in wait for enough to collect to cause disease.  At the very least, they are stored as fat.  By eliminating or greatly reducing these foods, we can have the benefits of a whole foods diet.

What are the benefits of eating whole foods?  These foods have all the nutrients our body recognizes as food.  They HEAL.  They CLEANSE.  They promote energy, vitality and fullness.

I often tell my clients I can easily eat a whole package of oreo cookies.  The problem is that I would still be hungry.  My body would say “feed me more, feed me more.  I haven’t been ‘nourished’ yet!”  That is why we can so easily binge on the high calorie, nutrient poor foods.  On the other hand, if I eat a big plate full of fruit, vegetables and whole grain, my body is satisfied and tells me I don’t need more.

Today, there is a serious need to change our eating habits to accommodate more plant based foods. I would love to be on your team and help you discover how.

I can help you feel Alive, Energetic and Important!

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