What is a Detox? Can I do it?

October 13, 2012


There has been a lot of talk about detoxing lately.  I did a 10 day cleanse last Spring that made me feel fantastic.  There are many different ways to detox/cleanse.  Some are more strict and harder to do than others.  I chose to do a more drastic cleanse last time consisting of a 5 day raw food diet followed by a 10 day liquid “feast”.  I have a much easier, gradual  detox for you as an introduction to a painless, less drastic way to get your body cleansed of some of the “gunk” we carry that turns toxic.

Why is there a need to cleanse anyway?  We get toxins from many sources.  Some are environmental, some are taken in through the food we eat, and some are even emotional.  The processed food that has become so commonplace in the Standard American Diet has many chemicals that our bodies don’t know how to handle.  These chemicals aren’t “food” and are not utilized by our amazing systems as such, so they are stored.  Eventually, we start to get tired, sluggish, depressed, achy, and eventually even develop disease or at the very least uncomfortable health conditions.  As our bodies fill with toxins, our emotional state becomes compromised as well.  It’s amazing what a good cleanse can do for mental clarity, happiness, and focus.

With the Holidays approaching (I call it the junk season from Halloween to New Years), it would be a good time to prepare your body to withstand some of the temptations (and toxins).  I am offering you a FREE 3-day gentle Fall Detox guide to help you get a “taste” of what it’s like to eat clean and rid your body of toxins.  It can be addicting!  Please click the link below to check it out and let me know if you give it a try!  I’d be happy to answer any questions you have or help you with other detox/cleanse options if you’d like to get into it in a little more detail.

Free Detox Guide

I also offer detox classes occasionally, so if you’d like the support of a group in doing a cleanse, contact me and I can get your name on a waiting list.

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